Four Horsemen Shop Sounds Vol. 3

Volume 3 of our shop sounds series explores various forms of electronic music. A genre that’s sometimes impossible to define, this playlist showcases all of the unique sounds and variations coming from modern electronic artists. The opener, “This Old House Is All I Have” sees All Against Logic seamlessly blend blistering horns with samples from David Axelrod’s “The Warnings (Part II).” Venezuelan electronic producer/singer Arca creates a sound that's beautiful yet haunting. His powerful vocal talents pair up perfectly with his eerie instrumentals.

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Shop Sounds (August 2018)

In this edition of Four Horsemen Shop Sounds, new and modern artists in Jazz and R&B/Soul are the focus of this newest playlist. The genres of Jazz and R&B/Soul are in the midst of a strong resurgence and the past six years have seen many new and exciting artists emerge onto the scene. Toronto has proven to be a hot-bed for talent in both genres. Daniel Caesar, Charlotte Day Wilson, and BADBADNOTGOOD all come from the greater Toronto area and have each made their marks on experimental jazz and R&B genres. 

Jazz trio The Bad Plus has proven that a radical split from genre-norms can lead to greatness. Their moody piano-led tracks are cinematic, moving and exciting. The record label Brainfeeder has given us two incredibly talented musicians in Thundercat and Taylor McFerrin. Thundercat's energized electro R&B is both funky and refreshing. Taylor McFerrin's brilliant genre-blending solidified him as an incredibly versatile new artist. Each artist featured have contributed to the to the current renaissance in both Jazz and R&B/Soul through bold new sounds or a strong sense of tradition.

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Shop Sounds (June 2018)

Four Horsemen Shop Sounds returns for a new instalment in our series of mixes compromised from staff favourites. Our newest playlist focuses on one particular genre and timeframe. In this instalment, we focus on post-2010 experimental rap/hip-hop. This genre is incredibly musically diverse; it has seen plenty of new and compelling artists push the sound forward during the past eight years. Young Thug's off the wall flows and vocal performances have certified him as one of the genre's most unique artists, whose influence on the latest generation of rappers is clear. Noise-rap trio Death Grips, and newcomer JPEGMAFIA, have incorporated glitchy and frantic beats, paired with surreal lyricism. All of the featured artists have contributed to pushing the genre into new territory by redefining their sound, creating their own aesthetic and rebelling against genre norms.

Listen to the playlist here.