U-PICK w/ Garrett Lockhart

U-Pick is a series which sees artists and creatives we know and admire choose some of their favourite pieces from the shop, while also highlighting their works.

Born in Nanaimo, BC, Garrett Lockhart is a 22-year-old currently residing in Montreal, QC.  He has made work for clients such as Vice Magazine, Little Burgundy, and Editorial Magazine.  However, Garrett also explores practices related to art direction and creative research. He recently co-curated the exhibition I Think You Can Dance, Canada and is continually researching for his project Studies in Homestrata.

Garrett's Picks
A.P.C. Petit New Standard Light Wash

"I enjoy wearing pieces that do something before anything else.  If they don’t perform some sort of function, I won’t wear them.  The APC jeans were light and soft, easy to move around in and incorporate. I found the tee by John Elliot to be really light/comfortable.  Function over everything."

Garrett has selected a group of photos for Four Horsemen from his broader Mobile Images project; they focus on his experiences and findings from a short summer trip to Vancouver Island.

See more of Garrett's work here.

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