Sunday Reads

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down on your favourite couch, and read some of our favourite articles from the week. This is our bi-monthly reading list.


"The Hygge Effect: How Beauty Is Cashing in on Cosy" (Business of Fashion)
"People are gravitating toward products that are more about how they make them feel — and less about results."

"Nick Wooster Opens Up His Legendary Closet Exclusively For Grailed" (Grailed)
"That’s right. I get that they’re beautiful objects and, yes, it would be amazing to have a collection of things, but for me, clothes and shoes are to be worn. I can understand how some of these sneaker guys don’t wear their shoes. Like, what’s the point?"

"What's it Really Like to Fight for LGBTQ in Iraq" (The FADER)
"I wanted us to create something that was led by the community, specifically the local LGBTQ community, and not another Western organization coming in and telling us what it means to be LGBTQ."

"Listen to Frank Ocean's New Song 'Chanel'"
"His first solo music since Blond and Endless."

"Why Does Fashion Suddenly Care About Activism?"
"High-street chains are reportedly mobilizing and sending letters to governors to improve human rights, but we live in the age of fast fashion – one which is arguably exacerbated by diffusion collections and experimentation with “see-now, buy-now” approaches to selling."

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