"Grey Remains" by Jesse Russell-Galbraith

This past weekend we presented "Grey Remains" by Victoria-based artist Jesse Russell-Galbraith. Originally from the small town of Powell River, BC, Jesse's works range from cartoon-like line drawings to simplistic and bold paintings, often featuring featureless figures. With a strong online following under the moniker @jeerg, Jesse's works have been featured in small press publications like Blue Monday Press, as well as a collaborative zine. Most recently Jesse had his graphics grace three sets of pro-series skateboard wheels for Momentum Wheel Co. skaters Rick McCrank, Nate Lacoste, and Yoshiaki Toeda.

"Grey Remains" is a collection of Jesse's latest works over the past two months all in grayscale, encompassing paintings, drawings, cohesive sketchbooks, as well some one-off painted vintage clothing items and skate decks.

Paintings and other works are still available for purchase in shop until the end of July.

4 Questions w/ Jesse 

You have quite a strong online following on Instagram, with lots of sketches and custom hats being snapped up very quickly. Have you found Instagram has served an integral or influential part of your art?

Yeah I owe so much to my Instagram, it's insane. Getting my work out there and having it be seen worldwide, while living in a town almost no one has heard of seemed so surreal to me. It got me some great connections to artists and brands, which definitely helped influence my work and style over the years, seeing what other artists were capable of in the world. I knew some artists in Victoria before I had even moved here, which made the transition and welcome to the art community really smooth.

The majority of your works are done in black and white and grayscale, including your show "Grey Remains". Is there a reason behind this?

I never liked colouring in school at all, trying to have colours work together by means of complimenting or contrasting always seemed like a hassle, there was just too much to choose from. So once I started working with pens and ink, I just stuck to black and white. I loved how clean things looked, and I found I could evoke a lot more emotion through the simplicity. Grey came along when I wanted to branch out from pen and paper work, also kinda coincided when things weren't so good for me. I consider it to be a very somber colour, and found it easy to express myself through. It's been interesting to paint with only one colour and its varying shades, it provides a lot of challenge when I dive into every painting.

Top 4 favourite things to do on a day off?

Probably enjoying a good cup of coffee, going for a walk around town, skating around with friends and painting and drawing while listening to some good music. A combo of those makes for a perfect day in my opinion.

What's been something or someone you've listened to/read/watched lately that you've been really into?

This month has been crazy for music releases, so I've been bouncin' between a lot of albums. I keep going back to James Blake's new album though, 'The Colour in Anything' it's just too amazing, his albums are so sad and moody but I just cant seem to get enough. Just got into River Tiber's 'Indigo' too, and that's been a great listen so far. As for reading, I just finished a book by an artist named Sean Karemaker called 'The Ghosts We Know'. I met him a couple years back in Vancouver, and he's always been a major inspiration of mine. His book and art reflects a lot on his current and past life, and even without words his art speaks volumes.

Just wanna give a big thank you to Ryan, Drew, Constantin and everyone involved at 4 Horsemen for the support and letting me have a show at the shop, it was such a great experience.

See more from Jesse Russell-Galbraith here:
Photos: Drew Tostenson

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