Four Horsemen Shop Sounds Vol. 3

Volume 3 of our shop sounds series explores various forms of electronic music. A genre that’s sometimes impossible to define, this playlist showcases all of the unique sounds and variations coming from modern electronic artists. The opener, “This Old House Is All I Have” sees All Against Logic seamlessly blend blistering horns with samples from David Axelrod’s “The Warnings (Part II).” Venezuelan electronic producer/singer Arca creates a sound that's beautiful yet haunting. His powerful vocal talents pair up perfectly with his eerie instrumentals.

One of the most dominant forces in electronic music today is the Brainfeeder label. Headed by Flying Lotus, the label also features Iglooghost, Ross From Friends and Thundercat. Each artist experiments with electronic sound in their own way whether it’s through disco inspired warbly bass or scattered trippy sounds that feel revolutionary. Clams Casino and Death Grips are also featured. Both acts rely heavily on rap/hip-hop influences, but they significantly push the boundaries of what listeners are familiar with hearing.

All of the featured artists collectively share an electronic sound, but all of them use their abilities to create a sound experience unique to their style and artistry.

Listen to the playlist HERE


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