Four Horsemen Supplies Floral Embossed Denim Noragi

Inspired by the silhouettes and techniques of traditionally hand-stitched rurally produced Japanese work clothing, noragi in Japanese, we are proud to introduce our own Floral Embossed Denim Noragi jacket. Our Noragi is constructed from a heavy weight French deadstock denim that had first been embossed using a machine sadly no-longer in existence, then washed to accentuate the intricate floral pattern and give the fabric a vintage feel. 

Produced in extremely limited quantities, each piece has been handmade by a single local tailor, exclusively for Four Horsemen Shop. 

Now available in-store and online




Model: Ryan Grifone

Photography: Carson Bain


Jan 31, 2014

Uhhh looks so good! Are there anymore planned to come out?

Jan 30, 2014

Looks amazing! Are there anymore to be made in the foreseeable future?


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