Four Horsemen Shop Sounds Volume 1


Here's a look at the first installment of an ongoing series of compilation mixtapes hand selected by the Four Horsemen Shop staff. Four Horsemen Shop Sounds have been created to give you a taste of some of our current individual favourite songs while maintaining a consistent theme when assembled as a whole. Volume 1 consists of a mellow sound with a strong hip hop influence punctuated by spurts of jazz and neo-soul. With tracks coming from Flying Lotus, Black Hippy, Austin Peralta and our friends Rook Milo and Hyperlinx, Volume 1 aims to recreate the mood found everyday within the shop.

We hope you enjoy this tape, and stay tuned for more Shop Sounds in the future.

Click the cover to stream via SoundCloud.

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Jul 31, 2013

This mix is so dope. would love to get a download. Good lookin out folks

Mike Live

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