Portland General Store - Limited Edition Grooming Kit

Portland General Store has teamed with Owen&Stork to create these limited edition grooming kits, as part of the creative agency's Atelier Numbered Series.  Twelve of these stunning box sets were manufactured and sent out to select PGS stockists.  Of the four accounts selected we are proud to be the only Canadian representatives.  Two of the twelve sets are available for purchase directly from portlandgeneralstore.com for $775 (USD).  The other ten, including our own, will be raffled off to local customers.  For the next three weeks any purchase of a regular sized Portland General Store product will earn customers an entry in the draw.  On Tuesday, June 21 we will announce the winner.  Contest is not open to online customers.

Housed in this beautifully crafted, leather-lined, wood box is a selection of Portland General Store's most popular products, as well as a custom Silver Tip Badger hair shave brush.  The contents are as follows:

- 250 ML Whiskey Aftershave

- 50 ML Face Bomb

- 30 ML Pre-Shave Oil

- 150 ML Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

- Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush

- 3 Gram Sample Colognes: Maine, Tobacco, Whiskey, Wood

Hit more... for additional photos.  Good luck!

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