Four Horsemen Vintage Goods

It's no secret to locals that Victoria has some of the best vintage shopping around.    With this in mind we have decided to add a carefully chosen selection of previously worn items to the shop.  These items will maintain the aesthetic of the shop, while offering the chance to purchase unique pieces that each have their own story.  The first item up is this pair of perfectly worn in Red Wing Moc Toes in a Size 6.  Though they are available in shop only for now, we will be adding a web component as more great pieces find their way into the store.

We also wanted to highlight the fact that, despite being a menswear store, we have our fair share of regular female shoppers.  We asked our friend Ali to model in order to show how a properly sized men's piece (or two of three in this case) can be the perfect addition to an otherwise feminine outfit.  Next time you are shopping for your boyfriend try on an over-sized flannel or cardigan for yourself and be sure to pick up the latest issue of The Gentlewoman.

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