We are expecting our first Fall shipment from Wings + Horns  to show up within the next week or two, so in anticipation we thought we would share our order with you.  Details on the second delivery will be posted as soon as we have received the first.  If you are interested in preordering any of the pieces seen here please contact us at info@fourhorsemen.ca for details and availability.  A complete preview and price list is available after the jump.

RESEARCH - Delivery 1

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Wool Fleece

$280 (CAD) - available in Charcoal

Down Vest - Wool Tweed

$470 (CAD) - available in h. grey

(picture unavailable)

Utility Vest - Herringbone Wool

$275 (CAD) - available in navy

Slim Fit Pant - Corded Cloth

$228 (CAD) - available in dark tan

Pull Over Sweater - Cashmere Knit

$264 (CAD) - available in h. grey

Tube Scarf - Cashmere Knit

$168 (CAD) - available in black, h. charcoal, and h. grey

ARCHIVE - Delivery 1

L/S Crewneck - Chabanel 1x1 Rib Knit

$78 (CAD) - available in navy/natural and h.grey/natural

L/S Henley - Chabanel 1x1 Rib Knit

$88 (CAD) - available in navy/natural and h.grey/natural

S/S Crewneck - 1x1 Rib Knit

$38 (CAD) - available in h.grey and white

L/S Henley - 1x1 Rib Knit

$58 (CAD) - available in charcoal, navy, and white

FZ Hoody - Chabanel Fleece

$156 (CAD) - available in grey/natural

BF Shawl Cardigan - Chabanel Fleece

$156 (CAD) - available in navy/natural

Zip Front Hoody - Loop Terry

$216 (CAD) - available in h. grey

L/S Button Down Shirt - Multi Plaid

$180 (CAD) - available in cream/yellow

L/S Button Down Shirt - Oxford Pt. Stripe

$168 (CAD) - available in light blue

Chino Pant - Weapon Twill

$180 (CAD) - available in khaki

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