Four Horsemen x Billy Jackson "Tipping Point"

On November 14th, our walls saw the artistic works of local artist Billy Jackson through canvas, clothing, sculpture, and sketches. The windows fogged up as our store was packed with friends and shop family sifting through the 180 drawings that lay on top the tables and browsing the works hanging from the walls.











4 Questions with Billy Jackson

Where did the name for the collection stem from?

Tipping Point is rooted from me always feeling a constant torn sensation between good and bad, and right and wrong, even confidence and shyness. It's just a way for me to rationalize both aspects and visualize the uneasiness. 


What inspirations did you draw on for the collection?

I draw inspirations from many things in my existence. Every time my path is crossed with any type of decision or crossroad, I step back and look for the beauty in the situation. People and positive human interactions are a big inspiration to me as it allows me to expand my view of the world and give me insight into other human's intimate thoughts. I enjoy the idea that humans do everything for a reason and I'm constantly on the hunt to discover people's true desires, just to see if I can help fill my voids.


Your art is most known on the clothing you wear which you post on your Instagram, including Air Jordans and Common Projects. How do you respond to people's reactions, sometimes of outrage, when you paint on more expensive garments?

I don't really see outrage to much anymore. At first some people were uneasy and still are uneasy about mucking up their good clothes, but to me I see it enhancing the value of it. It gives it a memory attached. It draws curiosity and can allow me and other wearers to talk about the artistic resonance of the piece and discover what it means to others. Before I started wearing art, it was rare to have an intellectual conversation with a complete stranger, but that is no longer the case.


Do you own any clothing that hasn't become a personal canvas yet?

Yes, I do own quite a few pieces in my wardrobe yet to hit my brush. Often when I paint a piece, it has a definitive emotion attached and some days I don't want to force myself to feel an emotion I am uneasy with that day, hence the unpainted pieces.

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