4 Horsemen Shop Sounds by Rook Milo

The second in our ongoing series of mixes by some of our favourite producers, this mix comes to us from former 4H fam and friend, Vancouver based producer Brock Mackay, aka Rook Milo. Making beats since 2012, Rook Milo's space-aware, atmospheric-bass sound paired with a heavy hitting hip-hop driven live set has caught the ears of the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, TA-KU, and DJ Slow in recent years. With a unique sound, Rook Milo also fits well within the burgeoning scene in Vancouver amongst peers like SANGNOIR, James Deen, Ekali and the Chapel Sound crew.

Photo by Briggs Ogloff

4 Questions w/ Rook Milo

What's the vibe you had in mind with this mix, what do you imagine people doing while listening?

I’m pretty much on a computer 9-5 all week, so I made something for the people who play mixes to get through a shift. It’s got a slow, sort of heavy feel, with breaks for light songs that don’t really mix well but I couldn’t leave out.

Do you find you gravitate towards different styles and sounds when producing vs. playing a live show?

Live shows have to pop off, that’s just the way it goes. Things just have to bounce more to move the club I suppose, so it’s always a deep groove or some latest rap hit that I’ll feel the most in that environment. Producing at home anything goes — weird ambient stuff to slow jams to house to heaters, whatever I’m feeling, you know?

Top 4 favourite things to do in Vancouver on a day off?

It’s always different, but if it was tomorrow it'd go something like this:

Call up my dude kim for a bag.

Hit up Max’s Deli for a Turkey Club (not deli turkey tho, the good shit.)

Put on Jayda G’s Trushmix (https://soundcloud.com/trushmix/trushmix-68-jayda-g-1)

Try and beat Wind Waker HD on my Wii U.

What's been something or someone you've listened to/read/watched lately that you've been really into?

In that order: Daniel Caesar, Le Roy Magazine, and Perfect Blue.

~Photo by Briggs Ogloff~





Luxsi Young Intro

Oneohtrix Point Never — Nobody Here (slowed)

Just Friends — Avalanche (Shlohmo Remix)

Lil Wayne — I'm Single (Instrumental)

Jimmy Johnson — Sun Goes Down

A. Chal — Gazi

Andrew Aged — Song Told By a Tree (youtube rip)

Art of Noise — Moments in Love

Jeremih — Rated R

James Ferraro — Rata

DJ DMD — 25 Lighters (DJ Screw Chop)

Tobias Jesso Jr. — True Love

Moses Sumney — O Superman

Little Dragon — Twice (Rook Milo Remix, Instrumental)

Mssingno — Skeezers (snippet)

A$AP Rocky — Leaf (instrumental)

Melody As Truth — Exit Six

Rook Milo — Cold

Purple — Silence and Remorse

Daniel Caesar — We'll Always Have Paris (Slowed)

Arca — Failed

Outkast — Prototype (Slowed)

Milo's Autotune Outro

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