4 Horsemen Shop Sounds by WSUPTIGER

Our fourth installment of 4 Horsemen Shop Sounds comes to us courtesy of our friend Brian Tiger aka WSUPTIGER. Hailing from Vancouver, WSUPTIGER is part of the Chapel Sound family, a group of artists from Vancouver and beyond. With a sound moving deftly between internet future bass, r n' b, hip hop, house, and beats, WSUPTIGER's mix starts off with a dance-y house/electro feel, before laying back into a chilled out chopped n' screwed groove.

4 Questions w/ WSUPTIGER

What's the vibe you had in mind with this mix?

A surreal journey with 808's in the backround. Along with some prettier r&b sounds to brighten it up. 

Being a part of the Chapel Sound family (which just celebrated its 4th Year Anniversary), have you found the Vancouver dance/electronic scene has grown and changed in those past 4 years?

Yes it's definitely changed since we started some years back. I've always considered Vancouver as having lots of talent but the last few years the amount of talent I've been able to spot on the horizon is pretty exciting.

You mentioned in a past interview that you mainly DJ as opposed to producing, have you still been focusing on DJing primarily?

I'm definitely still more DJ heavy. I'm a bit of a people pleaser so I love being able to play the jamz and facilitate a good vibe for people to have a good time. Me chasing that dragon is one of the main reasons I gravitate so much towards the art.

What's been something or someone you've listened to/read/watched lately that you've been really into?

I've recently been put onto Bukowski's work the other week and it's reignited my old passion for poetry and writing. Been dancing to D'Influence - Hypnotize in my room too lol.

~Photo by Brandon Artis~


James Pants - Sat Nav

Mr Oizo - Ruhe (ft. Boys Noize)

Nosaj Thing - N R 2

dom$olo - slappindemhoes(ripdjscrew)

Skepta - Ladies Hit Squad (ft. D Double E & A$AP Nast)

Gucci Mane - P***** Print (ft. Kanye West)

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shame (H20$$$SPORTS$$$ REMIX)

Skater x j.robb - Euphoria

No Will - No Money

Rihanna - James Joint

Yuna - Lanes

Tory Lanez - U.N.I.T.Y (Promnite remix)

ICYTWAT - Gucci Princess (instrumental)

YAYAYI - fapqueen

dvsn - Too Deep (WSUPTIGER slow it down 4 u)

~Album art by Brock Mackay~

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