"SAFETY" by Brendan Ratzlaff

Last week we presented "SAFETY" by Victoria based artist Brendan Ratzlaff. Originally from Vancouver, an Emily Carr grad, Brendan works with graphic vector images and hand drawn illustrations with sharpies and graphic markers. Having worked with the likes of ASL Singles Club, Color Magazine, he also interned and worked for a time as an in-house graphic designer for one of our favourite Vancouver-bred brands, Dana Lee. Brendan has just released a zine with Philadelphia based small press zine publisher Brickman Publications.

"SAFETY" is a collection of recent graphic vector images by Brendan.

Prints ($20) are available in shop until the end of June.

4 Questions w/ Brendan Ratzlaff

SAFETY is a collection made up of graphic vector images, though you also work in other hand drawn mediums. What influenced you to create a digitally based collection?

Well first off let me say thanks to you and the Four Horsemen Shop staff for helping me host my first solo art exhibit! When you first asked if I was interested in doing it, I immediately started work on some paintings and hand drawn pieces I had initially intended on showing. After some time, I felt that the pieces I had been working on lacked cohesion and so I started searching for a theme. I've been interested in symbology, semiotics and signage for a long time and so when I finally decided on the theme, I felt that vector graphics were only appropriate.

You recently released a zine entitled "NO" through Philadelphia based publication, Brickman Pubs, do you find there's a lack of infrastructure or a scene locally for artists to get their work out there?

Ya Brickman Pubs rules! And no, not if your motivated. If you really want to get your work out there, it's just a matter of fucking doing it. Be persistent. Post shit online. I'm a big believer of the D.I.Y. ethic. I mean it used to be if you wanted the biggest mountain peak to shout your vision from, you'd move to New York. But with the Internet the way it is, it's just not as necessary as it used to be in order to get your work seen. But on the other hand, the art scene here in Vic is definitely smaller than where I'm from, Vancouver. I'm lucky to have some friends there that curate shows pretty regularly and sometimes they ask me to contribute.

Top 4 favourite things to do on a day off?

Skate, get tacos, watch movies, make art and music :~)
What's been something or someone you've listened to/read/watched lately that you've been really into?

Oh man I just finished watching this hour long interview with Larry Heard (https://youtu.be/GaQgR65VUmg) the man is a god. He made music under a bunch of different monikers, Mr. Fingers, Fingers Inc, Loosefingers. Him and Frankie Knuckles, Ive been digging through there catalogs for a while now. Man, they made the best god damned house music.

Oh and Tom Hanks, lol. My roommate Kolby and I are on a Tommy Hanks marathon. We've been binge watching all of his movies. Oddly comforting. I recently learned that in a Readers Digest poll he was ranked the most trusted man in America. So there ya go!

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Event Photos: Mitch Fisher
Profile Picture: Lauren Ray

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