4 Horsemen Shop Sounds by Laggards

The third instalment in our ongoing series of mixes by some of our favourite producers and artists, is brought to us courtesy of Victoria-based duo Laggards. Made up of our friends Colin Liseth (Olav) and Dan Godlovitch (okpk), two talented producers in their own rights and important members of Victoria's electronic scene. Laggards don't take things too seriously, musically or otherwise, with a left-field approach to things. This tongue-in-cheek attitude also shines through in their cover art for their 2014 EP SoFeels, adorned by a golden pair of flip-flops, a footwear choice Dan can often been seen wearing to their shows, and through the tagline "Fuck Laggards", which they announce to the crowd before diving into their set. 

Their music is a left field mix of obscure 90's/00's R&B piano jams, equally obscure distorted vocal samples (like early-2000's UK boy band Blue's song One Love), dense future bass production, and footwork influence.  

 4 Questions w/ Laggards

What's the vibe you guys had in mind with this mix?

Colin: These songs are all about breezy, chill times for me. Lazy summer jammerz. I'm going on vacation soon, so that's pretty much all I think about. 

Your sound can be difficult to peg at times with such broad influences and continually pushing the boundaries of how one might consider "dance" music, do you find in a city like Victoria, listeners are generally receptive to new sounds?

Dan: I think that people anywhere are willing to go to new places as long as you can show them the way there from things that they already know. We're all over the place, and we do love fucking with our audiences, but at the end of the day we worship at the altar of Epic Club Feels. Victoria audiences can be really open to new things, but there's not a particular clique where it's always a sure thing. Generally people who are ready to run with it are going to have a great time, and people who aren't are probably going to have a weird time, and that is the Laggards way. No requests, no surrender.

You guys have likened the way you sample to the way lobsters were once viewed. Can you elaborate?

Dan: The lobster thing: So lobsters were poor people's food back in the day - they were garbage eating sea bugs basically. It wasn't until later that they became a fancy delicacy. We are basically the lobster fishers of the dance music world - we're digging for music that's generally considered to be low class, and making a succulent meal of it. On our last EP, Sofeels, we were pretty literal, sampling artists like Savage Garden and Coldplay and finding the deep feels hidden deep within. On our forthcoming release, Knee-Deep in Paradise, we've gone farther, and now we're basically doing the same thing but with whole genres - trance and big tent EDM


Your top 4 epic club feel tracks?

Colin: Autre Ne Veut - Play By Play

813 - Party Diving

Ghost Mutt - Rumble Pak

Craig David - 7 Days 





Hikari - Foodman 

Time Will Compress - Wun Hunnul 

Sun Loop - 
Sega Bodega 

Fewer Looks - Affelaye 

A Tiji Sea - 
Toby Gale 

Phomenica - 
Up High Collective 

D.I.A.T.Y - 

Lose You - 
Henrik The Artist 

Broken Ribs - 
Sega Bodega 

Litehouse Slip - Toby Gale 

Waterfall - 

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